Gilbert Coudène lights dreams

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Gilbert Coudène opens the doors of his creative workshop, the genesis of the show Puy de Lumières

It is 10am this Tuesday, when the door of the Chabrière Park studio finally opens. Gilbert Coudène and the Tourist’s Office team have to finalize the 8 scenographies of season 2 of Puy de Lumières starting April 27!

They are all there, his “gones” as he likes to call them, headphones screwed to the ears, big screens, 3D images. The creation workshop of Puy de Lumières is organized around a large open space where are grouped the graphic designers who work on the realization of scenography.

We are making incredible effects. There are processes not used anywhere else in the world.

Here the media library, there we take care of the scenography of the Brives-Charensac odl Bridge … Oscar tells us “we have completed the scenography to almost 80% we really reach the goal.”

The, we are into the big projection room. Gilbert Coudène, master of ceremonies plunges the room in the dark and the cinema screen projects his creations. The museum Crozatier is already revealed with animations and graphics effects breathtaking. “You will see, on the museum we will revive the collections”.

Then we see the other shows. The Library of Brives-Charensac, the old Bridge … Then the Theater, the Town Hall and finally the Saint-Alexis chapel .


What is important to say is that all have been changed ! We reworked the images, the colors, the show.


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