Stand Up Paddle

A board, a paddle, another vision of the Loire river! Our site is perfectly suited to beginners thanks to the proximity of the banks and sheltered from the wind, the practice is easier and safer than on a lake or the sea!


Initiation in flat water and supervised descent of river of 6 kms under adapted conditions.
Rental in flat water ,various boards available, rigid and inflatable and suitable for children and adults

The stand up is handled with a simple paddle with the gooseneck technique borrowed from canoeing.
Learning this specific technical gesture is essential to navigate correctly before embarking on an easy river independently. You must also learn to place your supports and weight transfers to develop your personal technique on a single-seater, on a giant paddle the qualities of cooperation and coordination are required. You also have to learn to steer the machine!

THE SUP: stand-up Paddle
A STAND-UP propelled surfboard.
Versatile, it allows you to have fun on the body of water and go down rivers in certain conditions for another vision of the environment,

Discover a Giant SUP where 8 people can sail on the same board, it's original, fun, stable and fun!
we launched this activity in 2017!!!
A Giant Stand Up Paddle for 6 or 8 people that can be handled with or without a coxswain!
A very stable board that can support 800 KG
A new and original activity to practice in a group ideal for cooperation and mutual aid.
A good way to have fun on the water!
a real all-round sport that works on balance

And since this year yet another innovation:
You can also compete in
Battle paddle:
With combat sticks you will have to defeat your opponent in the Loyal way!
Good laughs in perspective!
Perfect for birthdays or other events

Two possible formulas:

Supervision by instructor or free rental

Supervised activity:

Rental activity:
For safety reasons, we do not rent sup downhill but it is possible with an instructor and the right conditions. Big sup for rent from 4 people.
The equipment is chosen with you and according to your level!
You benefit from a technical start-up course


Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French


One price: 10 to 35 €.

Group rate available for > 4 people.

Modes de paiement

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Credit transfer


All year round, daily between 9 am and 7 pm.

Subject to favorable weather.