Via Fluvia – Rosières – Yssingeaux

This is one of the landmark sections on the Via Fluvia trail. From Rosières to Yssingeaux through the Suissesse gorges and the wonderful Corboeuf ravines, a fragile canyon made from multi-coloured clay.


When you leave Rosières, you enter the Suissesse gorges. There are more and more viaducts, and the trail makes its way through the mountains.
To your left, a natural monument appears before you: the Corboeuf ravine. Time for a photo break, a panorama or a selfie, before you hit the road again.
Now the valley is deeper, the landscape closes in around you. All traces of civilisation gradually disappear. You make your way along the gorges, a hundred metres of so above the river along a safe pathway.
At the Chavalamard viaduct, forming a semi-circle above the gorges, you are immersed in history. At this spot, the local train ended its last trip, when it derailed on 26 June 1944.
After passing the quarry, you arrive in a magical, tree-lined valley. This is the prelude to the “Sucs” region, the local name for extinct, cone-shaped volcanoes, and taking you as far as Yssingeaux.

Please note: the section between Yssingeaux and Les Barthes (10km) is along the local road.
There is very little traffic, but stay alert, since the road is shared by hikers and cars.
At the quarry in Les Barthes, you may come across large lorries, so be on the look-out.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Distance: 15km
  • Non-signposted trail
  • Elevation:200m


All year round.


Rue Louis Jouvet - L'Embarcadère
43800 Vorey