The Monastier Brass Music Festival

From 3 to 9 August Monastier

A summer festival not to be missed in Velay. The brass festival in Monastier-sur-Gazeille has a jazz feel, with trumpets and saxophones given pride of place in swinging concerts in August!

The sound of the Monastier Brass can be heard in Le Puy-en-Velay

For 7 days, no fewer than 40 concerts are organised during the Monastier Brass Music Festival. Pop, jazz and classical all pay homage to the sound of brass.

The sound of the Monastier Brass

The Monastier Brass Music Festival

The festival takes place in the courtyard of the abbey castle, perfectly adapted for the spectators’ comfort.

The concerts of early music, baroque or contemporary music take on a new lease of life in the two churches of St-Théofrède and St-Jean. The mellower and more intimate Jazz Club hosts jam sessions for the aficionados. The festival village is open all day for “off” concerts and as a place for festival-goers and volunteers to meet in a friendly atmosphere.

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