Casa d’art

Since 2004, Casa d'Art has brought together professional artists and craftspeople who open their studios and boutiques to the public all through the year. Courses for all ages, group visits, visits to workshops, demonstrations of techniques, etc.


The area covered by the Casa d'Art group begins on the Chaise-Dieu plateau and extends to the plateau slopes.
Some members live and work on the plateau: Marie and Michel Bérodot are potters-ceramic artists living in Sembadel-Bourg.
Others are at work in the neighbouring towns.
On the northern slope, in the Arlanc region, 4 "wood-workers" have opened their workshops: Ernst Albicker, a wood-turner in Chassagnes-Basses, near Arlanc, Gilles Chambreuil, a wood-carver in Beurrières, Sylvie Sauret, an instrument-maker in Chaumont-le-Bourg.
On the southern slope, Dominique Rocher works as a wood-turner in Maméas, near Céaux d'Allègre.
On the east, Cécile Auréjac in her workshop in Vals-le-Chastel. And to the west, Anne Elsener restores art works in Blanzac.
The artists and craftspeople in the group sign the Casa d’Art Charter, committing them to opening their workshops to the public.
Casa d'Art organises a wide range of events, including the wood crafts biennial (alternating with the ceramics biennial), a fair bringing together some 25 craftspeople working with wood (or ceramics), with activities focusing on the production of wooden (or ceramic) musical instruments.


Languages spoken

  • French


  • Craft


All year round, daily.


Mairie de La Chaise-Dieu
Rue St Esprit
43160 La Chaise-Dieu