This little village is about 6 km away from La Chaise Dieu, at an altitude of 999 metres. It nestles in a green setting, backed by the Lamandie forest and next to the River Senouire. Here you can explore the secrets of life in a rural setting filled with spirituality and work on the soil.


Connangles is the site of an old priory belonging to La Chaise-Dieu and first mentioned in the 13th century.
The very fine 15th century church is rather snugly fitted into the town’s architecture. It is only open at the side through a fine, semi-circular arch. The apse is Romanesque and the nave is Gothic. On the visible part of the chevet, the modillions feature heads of animals.
The village has a wide range of local treasures: a washing place, a cross, a calvary and traditional water pumps. Other curiosities await visitors to the village: a beautiful, centuries-old oak tree in Barlière; striking, isolated farms made of granite in Vieilleguerre and Bellut, looking down on the hamlet of Le Faux (a 19th century rural property); attractive windmills in Vieilleguerre and La Friole, and the White Windmill with its headrace canal (there are 37 windmills along the River Senouire with several mill races still to be seen), and a sublime little shrine with three religious figures, including a Black Virgin dressed in Puy lace and probably dating from the 19th century in Intranges. There are the remains of a ruined castle in Montrecoux and a stone bridge on the road to Laveze. You will also find many footpaths and hiking trails in the area, leading to such natural curiosities as the Martine Rock (standing stones) and the Bâtière Rock in the Badou Wood.

Languages spoken

  • French


  • Historic patrimony
  • Religious heritage
  • Town / Village
  • Wash house
  • Wayside cross
  • Church
  • Bell tower
  • Square



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