Waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes

Velay immerses visitors in a unique natural environment. Volcanic activity has made this a region rich in varied landscapes and exceptional natural areas. A relaxing getaway guaranteed...

Corboeuf Ravine, the Colorado of Velay

The Corboeuf Ravine near Rosières is nicknamed “the little Colorado” and is a surprising and fragile natural site. It is a multicoloured clay canyon, alternating small ravines and narrow crests. Here, hikers are immersed in the typical landscapes of Arizona and a scene that may well end up as a background picture on your Facebook wall.

Visiting the ravine
From the car park, a 3.2-km walk along the PR 624 trail takes you round the Corboeuf Ravine along the Via Fluvia and through the village of Chastel. The village has preserved and restored its original heritage: a washing place, a communal oven, a cross and an assembly house. It is well worth a visit!

At the heart of the Agizoux Forest, the 27-metre-high Beaume Waterfall is the ideal spot for holiday photos! The green setting, contrasting with the stone and the basalt larva flow, never fails to enchant visitors of all ages during a refreshing family walk.

Visiting the waterfall
From the car park, a walk for 20 minutes along the river takes you to the panoramic viewpoint. A path then leads the way to this wild-water cathedral. For hikers, the PR67 trail leaving from Solignac (10.5 km) includes the Devès Plateau in your visit.

The Bourianne scree, larva flow

This is a little stream of stones that turns into a river as it climbs up to the orientation table found at its summit. The unbelievable accumulation of basalt stone blocks makes you realise the force of the erosion carried out on the volcanic mountain.

Visiting the scree
From the church car park in Saint-Julien d’Ance, a 4-km walk takes you to “the volcano plateau”. The PR599 trail, with occasionally steep going, goes to the top and also includes a walk around the larva flow.

Mont Bar, the crater

This Strombolian volcano looks down from a height of 1167 metres on the medieval town of Allègre. This is the only example in France of a peat bog in a crater. It is listed as a Natura 2000 site. Here you can see some exceptional fauna and flora in a beech forest and near the medieval town of Allègre.

Visiting Mont Bar
From the car park, you can visit the volcano during a round-trip walk of about 3 km (2 hours), including a few steep sections. Four interpretation panels have been set up in the crater. For the most energetic visitors, following the PR49 trail will take you all the way around Mont Bar (5 km).