Forteresse de Polignac – Volcanisme

Polignac volcanoes at liberty About 3 million years ago, when Auvergne mastodons roamed the region, a volcano erupted. The lava solidified when it made contact with the water, giving rise to the rock that was used as a pedestal for the fortress.


The Polignac site is located in the volcanic basin of Le Puy-en-Velay, extending from Chaspinhac in the east to Devès in the west.
The volcano emerged from under a vast lake that covered the area several million years ago. It is an example of a submarine volcano, like the Corneille rock and the Aiguilhe rock.
As part of the "Volcanoes at liberty" programme, the base of the fortress is a great place for visitors to observe the volcanic landscape and the types of rocks all around, and to take a quiz.
A fun way to explore the natural heritage and the volcanic landscape (paid admission to the fortress)
Access: parking near Polignac church.

Hiking leaflets are available at Polignac:
- Le Chalons trail 16.5km - 4 hrs 30 mins - Difficult.
- La Dentellière trail 12km - 3 hrs - Average difficulty.

"Download the document" for the special programme for school groups.


Languages spoken

  • French


Adult: 6 €
Child: 4 €
Group adults: 4 €
Group children: 4 €.

Free entry for children < 6 years, the drivers.
Group rate available for > 15 people.


From 08/02 to 14/11/2021.