Brasserie de la Vellavia

La Vellavia: Velay beer


Craft beers without fermentation or pasteurisation
These are craft beers made using traditional techniques. The company is on a human scale, with just one brewer taking care of mashing, filtration, heating the wort, cooling, fermentation and lastly bottling and labelling. It all takes place on site in Polignac. The farmers come to lend a hand whenever necessary. Solidarity and mutual help are at the heart of the company.

On average, 500 hectolitres of the famous fermented beverage are brewed at La VELLAVIA each year.

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Languages spoken

  • French


Group adults: 2 €
Adult: 3 €.


Every day throughout the year.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.


79 impasse de la Bombe
43700 Saint-Germain-Laprade