Robe de Bure et Cotte de Mailles trail

This is a very enigmatic name for a regional GR® trail! From the Allier gorges to the Forez hills, from Langeac to La Chaise-Dieu, taking in famous castles and churches, not one of the 9 days on the trail should be missed!

A regional trail with all you need!

On the Robe de Bure et Cotte de Maille trail, you set off on a 163 km circuit through rich and varied landscapes with some wonderful cultural heritage on the way: religious buildings and castles.

There are 28 religious monuments on the trail, including La Chaise-Dieu abbey church, with its cloister and surprising echo room. You will also have a chance to go through the marvellous village of Lavaudieu, an amazing experience from the very first sight. The village is listed as one of the most beautiful in France.

As for Velay’s feudal past, the programme is just as rich with 7 castles, such as Domeyrat and the birthplace of the Marquis de Lafayette, the hero of the American Revolutionary War.

As for nature, the menu is just as appetising. The trail will take you from the sound of the wild Allier gorges to the heady silence of the forest in the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park.



The IGN (Institut National de l’information géographique) map, description of the route, a list of available accommodation, restaurants, and a wide range of practical services, introduction to the landmarks and landscapes and a topographic guide. A light and easy map to carry in your bag, and the essential guide for perfect peace of mind!

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Our tips for the stages to experience the “Robe de bure et cotte de mailles”

The 163 km circuit is covered ideally in 9 days, but everyone can adapt it as they please! The idea is not to know where you leave from, but where you are going to! And from this point of view, we can promise signs and wonders!

1st stage: Langeac – Chanteuges: 19 km (4 hrs 45)
2nd stage: Chanteuges – Chavaniac-Lafayette: 15 km (3 hrs 45)
3rd stage: Chavaniac-Lafayette -Allègre: 21 km (5 hrs 15)
4th stage: Allègre – La Chaise-Dieu – 21 km (5 hrs 15)
5th stage: La Chaise-Dieu – Saint-Didier-sur-Doulon – 18 km (4 hrs 30)
6th stage: Saint-Didier-sur-Doulon – Lavaudieu – 19 km (4 hrs 45)
7th stage: Lavaudieu – Villeneuve-d’Allier – 18 km (4 hrs 30)
8th stage: Villeneuve-d’Allier – Chilhac – 17 km (4 hrs 15)
9th stage: Chilhac to Langeac – 15 km (3 hrs 45)

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