Between the Loire and the Rhone, follow the Via Fluvia, the new cycling trail in France, opening up a preserved and spectacular outdoor paradise. The Via Fluvia is a cycling trail linking the Loire and the Rhone, two magnificent rivers that never meet.

The Via Fluvia

The Via Fluvia

The Via Fluvia, an open-air

A fairly compact route – 120 km in all – with a big ambition: to make the impressive landscapes of volcanoes, forests, mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes an ecological, sporting and relaxing introduction for visitors to our region.

Along the Via Fluvia, everyone can go at their own pace and encounter nature, but also the men and women, the farmers, craftsmen and artists who live here. The Via Fluvia is a whole bouquet of experiences and an open-air museum! Let yourself be carried along from one world to another!

The Via Fluvia

The Via Fluvia

From Lavoûte-sur-Loire to Rosières, you can travel around 11 km on foot, by mountain-bike, hybrid bike or mountain scooter. A chance to admire the volcanic peaks, the magnificent Corboeuf ravine, the fragile canyon of multicoloured clay and the deep gorges of the Suissesse.

See the first few miles that are already open to cycling fans along the Via Fluvia.


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