Welcome to the Green Way linking Brives-Charensac to Le Brignon. The former railway line between Le Puy-en-Velay and Langogne is now a green way. A great trip for everyone, filled with natural and architectural heritage through the heart of the Velay region.

A little history

The railway line from Le Puy-en-Velay to Langogne opened in 1912, linking the industrial areas of St Etienne and Cévennes. But since 1981, the trains have left the railway line behind and the rails have been removed. Now there is new and enjoyable green way to delight hikers and cyclists, whether they are on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or electric bikes.

A family-friendly trail

The Green Way links the Loire valley (at an altitude of 600m) to Solignac (850 m). From Brives-Charensac it runs uphill with an average ascent of 2%. The slope is steady, easy and adapted to all levels! And on the way back, naturally it’s all downhill and you hardly have to pedal. The start of the trail (running north to south) is 4 km from Le Puy-en-Velay at the exit of Brives-Charensac train station (altitude: 600 metres).

The Green way

The Green way

There is a gentle climb (2%) accessible to all levels as far as the town of Le Brignon (altitude: 940 metres). The Green Way goes through five lighted tunnels and a 184-metre-long viaduct with metal spans. There are some great views over the Loire valley. The trail climbs steadily, mainly in the shade. You catch a glimpse of Bouzols Castle. After Coubon train station, you come to the first tunnel, 1.1 km long, very nicely laid out and cool in warm weather! Then, to the right, you have a wonderful view over Le Puy-en-Velay, with the statue of Our Lady of France standing on the Corneille rock.

You arrive at a second tunnel (1.3 km) with a very nice road surface. At the end, the Green Way makes its way around the mountainside, looking down on the valley. You can see the mountains of Auvergne and Mont Mézenc in the distance. Then the route continues in a breathtaking and peaceful setting all the way to Costaros!

Cycling on the Green way

Breathtaking heritage

From the Le Puy-en-Velay link to the Green Way, via the banks of the River Borne, a rich heritage stretches out before you. After the Massot Stadium, you pass through Le Puy-en-Velay and then head around the Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe rock. A refreshing, pleasant outing on the waterside.

All along the Green Way, the local heritage is at its best. The banks of the River Loire in Brives-Charensac, the village of Coubon, but most of all, the Beaume waterfall, near Solignac-sur-Loire. At kilometre 17.6 of the Green Way, follow the PR67 for 2 km and you will see an exceptional natural site with a 27 metre-high waterfall.

The Beaume waterfall

The Beaume waterfall

Bouzols castle

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Technical features

GPS coordinates for the start 
KM 0 - Latitude: 45.051034 | Longitude: 3.907394

Fine gravel on ballast, nice and compact. An excellent surface for hiking, cycling and for wheelchairs for people with disabilities. The bridges have renovated guardrails, and the planking on the Solignac-sur-Loire viaduct has been recently renewed.

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