Sentier la Pinatelle du Zouave

Here, the Scots pine will surprise you with their twisted trunks, like gigantic bonsai.


Near Le Puy on the road to Loudes. The pine trees result from a traditional forest art, known locally as “baker’s pruning”. More details are given in two interpretation paths that have been set up, one about baker’s pruning and the other about medicinal herbs. Picnic areas. Accessible all the year round.


Find out all about the twisted “baker’s” pines and read the plaques on each of the raised baking shovels that take you into the forest as if you were on wooden piles. Will you find time to sit down near one of the small hanging islands and listen to the living sounds of the forest? Or perhaps you would prefer to build a cabin with your children or watch the black Velay sheep grazing in the woodland…


Languages spoken

  • French


  • Non-signposted trail