Velay is a land of hiking trails with both steep slopes and mountains to climb. You get your breath back, don't forget your walking staff and we set off to go up in the world. Come on, today we are going to take on a summit!

If you go up into the hills, it’s quite easy to appreciate the vastness of the Velay landscapes. A glimpse of this breathtaking environment is enough to make you fall in love again with well-preserved nature. Like on Mont Mézenc, for example. You can climb to the summit at 1753 metres above sea-level! This is definitely the most beautiful view in all the Velay area.

Here you are in a land of volcanoes, looking out over wide-open spaces… You can either climb Mont-Mézenc or walk around it! Most people take to the paths leading up to the region’s highest point with the orientation table at the top. The view awaiting you at the summit is exceptional and hard to put into words…

Climbing Mont-Mézenc

Beautiful view on the Velay area

The landscape is magnificent, even on a grey day like today with a storm brewing in the distance. So we won’t be able to see the Alps or Le Puy de Sancy, but this truly is a moment to savour.

Off to Meygal

Looking for more? Then it’s off to the Meygal range, with its sucs (dormant volcanoes) and summits! And here too, there is no lack of scenery. The Pic du Lizieux is almost oriental! It looks down on the Yssingelais region from an altitude of 1388 metres, with a really breathtaking 360° panorama, if you still have a little breath left to take.

And what can we say about the mighty Testavoyre? This is the highest point in the Meygal range. From the top, at 1419 metres, you will see a very “bumpy” panorama consisting of cone-shaped peaks. A curious fact is that the volcanic rock here is made of phonolite, which makes a noise when you walk on it! The rural heritage all along the way is also a remarkable part of the experience.

Volcanoes of Meygal

Mont Testavoyre

Tackling the Suc de Ceneuil

The Ceneuil is a legendary volcano between Vorey-sur-Arzon and Saint-Vincent. Information panels inform visitors about the local fauna, flora and geology. At the summit, immense spaces spread out before the hikers’ eyes over the Emblavez plain. Further on, towards Chamalières-sur-Loire, the view from Mont Gerbizon will leave you speechless, as you look down from a height of 1064 metres above the Loire Gorges.

A walk in the Devès range

The Devès is a vast basalt plateau including 60 kilometres of mountain ridges! Mont Devès reaches 1421m, while Mont Recours, close by the village of Cayres, rises to 1394m. The vast plateau has over 150 cinder cones. And while you are here, a quick visit to Lake Bouchet is definitely in order…

Lake Bouchet