This impregnable medieval fortress with its wall walk and unique defensive system stands on a basalt rock like a pedestal.

Forteresse de Polignac

Forteresse de Polignac

The towering Polignac fortress

The fortress stands on the outskirts of Le Puy-en-Velay. This is a unique site in the region and always an impressive sight for visitors. It inspired and attracted Georges Sand, who set one of her novels here.

When you arrive in the village, the impression of power is overwhelming. The volcanic rock is surrounded by steep slopes to form the perfect spot for keeping watch over all the countryside and taking shelter in the event of an attack.

Forteresse de Polignac au coucher du soleil

The impressive platform where the fortress was built covers almost 3 hectares. Polignac is already a treat for the eyes from the outside, but from a visit to the site itself is even more impressive. The Puy-en-Velay basin stretches out beneath your eyes, and in the distance the Velay hills, the Meygal and Mézenc mountains ranges are a wonder to behold.