Groups : 3 hours guided tour

Guided tour of the old town and the cathedral of Le Puy-en-Velay classed UNESCO world heritage due to its position at the start of the Santiago de Compostela way. Visit of a monument. Duration : 3 hours.


Guided tour of Le Puy-en-Velay with a guide.
Duration: 3 hours
25 persons minimum.

Your group will be welcomed by a guide from the Pays d'art et d'histoire,
departure for the pedestrian tour of the city of Le Puy-en-Velay. Visit of Notre Dame du Puy Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque art (UNESCO’s World Heritage of Humanity) and walk around the old city.
During the visit, the guide will tell you about the main monuments of the city, the Corneille and Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe rocks, the Hôtel-Dieu classed UNESCO world heritage due to its position at the start of the Santiago de Compostela way. You will learn about the history of this pilgrimage city which is also crossing point of the GR 65, the Saint James, or Santiago de Compostela way to Spain.
The guide will also tell you the history of lacemaking and give you information on local products, the PDO (Protected designation of Origin) Le Puy green lentils and the famous Velay verbena liqueur.
A walk in the heart of a very old city.

Choose a monument among the following list to complete your visit :

• The Hôtel des Lumières and its art and heritage space: The Hôtel des Lumières is a digital art centre. It unveils three immersive scenographies. Unique in France, Compostela - the chapel in light - will take visitors on an original scenography. .

• Lacemaking learning centre :
Created in 1974 the bobbin lace school follows two main missions :
- Perpetuating the lace-making tradition and practice through teaching.
- Saving the lace making heritage. In exhibition rooms you can see an
outstanding collection of ancient lace. In 2022: "Lace at the Point of the Needle".

• National Lacemaking Conservatory :
The workshop of National Academy of Lace was founded in 1976 and is attached to the collections of the Mobilier National.
It is in charge of maintaining the traditional technologies of spindle lace.
In this place, pieces of art of high quality belonging to the collections
of the “state-owned furniture” (“Mobilier National”) are created, and are
often publicly exhibited.
Open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

• The 82-metre-high rock and the Saint-Michel chapel (listed as a historical monument since 1840) are an exceptional site.
Michel chapel (classified as a historical monument in 1840) are an exceptional site.
A technical and human feat.
A 32 m2 screen gives the illusion of walking on the site.

• The Corneille rock and the monumental statue Notre-Dame de France :
On the Corneille Rock platform, Notre Dame de France is the
outcome of an exceptional technical feat. It was erected in the year
1860 with the metal of 213 cannons captured from the Russians during
the Crimean War. A monumental work of J.M. Bonnassieux, it is 22.70
meters high and weighs 835 tons.

• Cloister of the cathedral and its "gold and embroidery" exhibition :
This major cathedral complex has preserved much of its medieval
buildings (machicolation building, home clergeons, baptistery ...), reunited
by a Romanesque cloister of great wealth. A visit tour allows you to
understand this complex and its different levels, including the Treasury
and a collection of liturgical embroidery (Cougard-Fruman donation).

• Camino, museum on the Way of Santiago de Compostela :
By means of a very modern scenography, the visitor finds himself
immediately embarked on the way to Santiago. All aspects of the
“Camino” will be dealt with, from its appearance in the Middle Ages
to its existence today. The visit is a real invitation to the experience.
The Pilgrims’ Café, gathering point for pilgrims where they will find a
warm welcome and useful advice is a new meeting point. Visit available
in English and German with touchpads.

• Crozatier Museum :
The museum’s various galleries invite the visitor on a voyage through
space and time, from prehistory to the present day, from Egypt to Velay,
from archeology to lace, in a simple and clear museography.
There are 4 main galleries :
> History gallery
> Velay gallery (local history)
> Art gallery
> Science gallery
In 2022: Snakes Expo from 27 November 2021 to 18 September 2022.

- Terre de Géants:
Digital Show. Alongside Alice, come to the aid of Alec the giant, guardian of the department's secrets.
Board the aircraft and take off for a surprising and immersive experience.

Languages spoken

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch


Price per person (25 people minimum) :
Duration : 3 hours (old city, cathedral and the chosen monument)
• The Corneille rock and the monumental statue Notre-Dame de France : 10 €
• The rock Saint-Michel in Aiguilhe, its chapel and its new museography : 11 €
• Cloister of the cathedral and its "gold and embroidery" exhibition : 13 €
• Camino, museum on the Way of Santiago de Compostela : 10 €
• Hôtel Des Lumières : 15 €
• Lacemaking learning centre : 12 €
• National Lacemaking Conservatory : 8 €
• Crozatier Museum : 14 €.

Included in the price
Included : - A guide for 3 hours. - The entrance fee for the chosen monument - Organisation and booking of the different activities (price available for a minimum of 25 people)


All year round.